Jungle Showdown


This time John Snyder and Isaac had completed a new Adventure collab: Jungle Showdown. And again the style of this unique MOC makes me what to know about the story behind it. 

Look at the way how the creators decorate the set: the crocodile, the ruins, the small propeller aeroplane etc, all of these unique ingredients make the whole build full of mystery!

Luckily, there is a short introduction of this MOC from the makers and it sounds interesting for us to find out more about the story from their build:

Johnny Thunder and his team of Adventurers have discovered an uncharted jungle island. Within the dense vegetation they find the entrance to a ruined temple! After leaping from pillar to pillar, over the crocodile swamp, Johnny reaches the gateway. They’re not the first ones there though, as the treasure-seeking gang boss, G.R. Edy is there with some henchmen. Will Johnny be able to prevail, and will Dr. Kilroy fall to the alligators?


jungle1 jungle2 jungle3 jungle4 jungle5 jungle6 jungle7 jungle8 jungle9 jungle10

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