A cool Fiat 500F Lego model was submitted to Lego Ideas with great response! Yet this is another cool car model with very complete features that makes it more interesting. 

Tyler’s MOC

I found Tyler because of his awesome build: Stitch in Lego Ideas. And i tried to search for his other MOCs from his flickr and found out there are so many cool Lego creations!


Well, Lego has officially announced to stop the Mixels series earlier this year. And obviously there will not be any newer Mixels available after series 9. 

Jungle Showdown


This time John Snyder and Isaac had completed a new Adventure collab: Jungle Showdown. And again the style of this unique MOC makes me what to know about the story behind it. 

Friends on Dinosaur

I was trying to search for more Mondatre’ MOC after seeing the facehugger yesterday. I got my luck […]


The facehugger is the second stage in the life cycle of a Xenomorph from Alien movie. And now a greater builder has brought him alive in Lego world!

Japanese House

Maybe because of the manga and cartoons, my life was influenced by Japanese anime and that makes me in love with their culture. I found this unique MOC in Lego ideas and noticed that the creation was just uploaded yesterday (11 Oct 16).