QingYinGe – Chinese Style Building

Chinese style building, or to me it looks like a Chinese temple, which we can see quite commonly everywhere in Asia. But it was nicely presented in LEGO ideas!

This MOC was built by acgshow lately on Sept 2016 in Lego Ideas, which i think is one of the most trending creations in the site. The red and grey colors are really the best matching in order to fit the chinese building theme. In addition, to me the bamboos and the red lanterns are definitely the best decorations for the creation.

From the selection of the minifigures i suppose this is tourist spot in a modern world, which could fit into Lego City theme.

chinabuild1 chinabuild2 chinabuild3 chinabuild4 chinabuild5 chinabuild6 chinabuild7 chinabuild8


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