Free Lego

How generous is Lego!

Perhaps this is not new to most of the Lego lovers, but for those who wish to collect the free Lego, you should visit Lego Store on weekend! There will be a couple of sessions for this giving away sets every 2 hours (15 sets each time) starts from 12 noon until 8pm! New set will usually be available on 2nd weekend of the month.

However, please take note that the toys are only valid for toddles who can assemble it. The reason is that the kid must complete assembling the set before he/she can take it away, and restrict to only 1 set per person (Note: do not queue again after getting the set until next month).

Below are the sets available from January to December 2016:

January: Polar Bearlegopromo1 February: Snow Mobile legopromo2 March: Bunnylegopromo3 April: Beelegopromo4 May: Hedgehoglegopromo5 June: Seaplane
legopromo6 July: Froglegopromo7 August: Applelegopromo8 September: School Buslegopromo9 October: Werewolf
legopromo10 November: Foxlegopromo11 December: Christmas Presentlegopromo12

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