Giant Size Spaceship

When we hear the name of iscreamclone, we will expect a mega size Lego MOC. And today the talented builder brings us another great creation after 25 days! (wow only 25 days!)

Not sure the title of this ship, but iscreamclone posted his progress of the different building stage in his flickr! And it really shocks me especially the details was so awesome!

iscreamclone1 iscreamclone2iscreamclone3iscreamclone4iscreamclone5iscreamclone6iscreamclone7iscreamclone8iscreamclone9 iscreamclone10 iscreamclone11iscreamclone12 iscreamclone13 iscreamclone14 iscreamclone15iscreamclone16 iscreamclone17 iscreamclone18 iscreamclone19 iscreamclone20 iscreamclone21 iscreamclone22

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