Mitsuru’s Robot MOC

Another great Robot MOC creator! Mitsuru is a great Sci-Fi builder with many awesome builds!

I have roughly shared some of his Robot MOC which i think is really fantastic, else you could visit his flickr here.


Mitsuru is great in designing the Robots with cool pose, which attracted my focus when i glanced through his page. The size of the robot is not really big, but about twice the size of a normal Minifig.

mitsuru robot1 mitsuru robot2 mitsuru robot3 mitsuru robot4 mitsuru robot5 mitsuru robot6 mitsuru robot7 mitsuru robot8 mitsuru robot9 mitsuru robot10 mitsuru robot11 mitsuru robot12 mitsuru robot13 mitsuru robot14 mitsuru robot15

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