New Nexo Outpost

A few different outpost was built by Henry F for latest Lego theme – Nexo knights. Look at the castle wall of both sides, which were built in different technique and styles for better illustration!

Snyder’s Forest Camp

The build based on a 80s Castle Theme, i suppose.  It is really fun to see the classic Forestmen make a come back! The MOC really brings up the nostalgia feels and reminds me of the great Castle set in old time. I like how Snyder decorate his MOC with the tent and training ground, great job!

Mercenary Owlbaby

Another creation from Lego7.

This owlbaby was noted as the descendant of supervillain, who works for mercenary, and it was remarked by Lego7 that his trade mark is his special owl look with evil smile. I really like how the owl headgear was made.


LL 122 Classic Space Ship

When i first glanced through this unique MOC from I Scream Clone, i felt like i was back to 80s when i received my first Lego set from my mum! Well, this is of course not the same as my 80s set, but the classic feel of the whole build was awesome!

Lego Black Panther

A cool MOC from Joe Perez. This unique creation was featuring a movement capture scene on a black panther at full sprint, with extraordinary fantastic posting! The MOC was known as “Sprint” by the creator.