Snail Castles

Caslte on a snail?

In 2016 Eurobricks Brickworld Chicago, I found the theme for collaborative layout was particularly interesting. The concept is to have a snail race with castles on top fighting each other. Well, it is also notable that a familiar name, Cecile Fritzvold, is part of the contributor to this special event.

The snail was designed by Mark Larson, and the participants were to build their own Castle on top of it.

snail castle1 snail castle30 snail castle20
snail castle19 snail castle2snail castle4 snail castle10 snail castle9 snail castle8 snail castle7 snail castle6 snail castle5snail castle11 snail castle15 snail castle14 snail castle13 snail castle12snail castle16 snail castle17snail castle22 snail castle26 snail castle25 snail castle24 snail castle23snail castle27 snail castle29 snail castle28snail castle3

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