Shin Chan’s Buriburizaemon

OMG! Even Buriburizaemon appears in Lego form!

This character is an anthropomorphic pig who appears in Crayon Shin-chan comic/ anime when ancient Japan is discussed, a quite cowardly/lazy/treacherous/funny sort who talks like a hero.

When i first saw the post from Moko, i really shock as there is someone who really bring Shin Chan’s character to Lego! The cute part of this MOC is that even the nipple (exactly from the comic) was built. XD

Buriburizaemon11 Buriburizaemon10 Buriburizaemon9 Buriburizaemon8Buriburizaemon7 Buriburizaemon6 Buriburizaemon5 Buriburizaemon4Buriburizaemon3 Buriburizaemon2 Buriburizaemon1

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