WH 40K Chaos Berserker

For those who likes both Miniatures and Lego, especially Warhammer 40k, which get a chance to see a full size Chaos Berserker very soon!

Chris Van Vliet is now working in progress to build the Lego version of this red warrior at home (I suppose :D). I am not a big fan of Warhammer 40k, but I like the miniatures table top game very much, so I feel very excited to see this in Lego form!

Some comments from the builder on this special MOC:

I finally got around to install pov ray and LDD2povray and started rendering some of my old WIP’s!


I wanted to build a Chaos Beserker 40K style full scale (human size)!


Ok this is a WIP that will never get build I guess since I don’t have the finances to actually build this, and with many of these projects I loose interest in them because of that!!


I even wanted to animate it in some movement in the arms head and weapons!!


But I had to share this because it’s awesome if I may say so myself!!

And offcourse to show what I could build by design and not hitting that wall of not owning the bricks I need though I did research the brick availability during the build (2013!!)”

wh chaos1 wh chaos2 wh chaos3

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