Emperor’s Garden Game Board

This MOC is cute, and BobDeQuatre is preparing it for the upcoming Eurobricks Maze contest.

A tiny Japanese samurai  castle was built as the base of the whole game board, where I would consider the whole garden is quite complete to present the feel of Edo Period building as it was designed with a cherry blossom tree, a main castle, a bridge and a pond.

And the cutest part is that this MOC is actually comes with a story from BobDeQuatre:

“Escort the Emperor through its garden, from its palace to his favorite place in the rosarium.

 Leave the palace and pass by the big cherry tree. Then find your way in the palace outskirt to the Silver Gate. Take the dirt path that leads to the bridge above the pond. Cross the bridge to get back to the cherry tree. The rosarium is just there, right after the Torri.

 In “normal” mode, the cherry tree is a little higher above the ground, and the Silver Gate is open. In “action” mode, with my Sakura tilt system, you’ll have to raise the cherry tree for the Emperor to walk under, and you’ll also have to lower the Silver Gate.”

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Emperor's Garden Game Board

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