Sand Serpent

A fictional sniper artillery unit created by Conner Lill. Well this is not a 2016 creation but i […]

Miss Mystery

The MOC was built by flambo14 since May 2016. A witch inside her crooked tower with the cute […]

Shin Chan’s Buriburizaemon

OMG! Even Buriburizaemon appears in Lego form! This character is an anthropomorphic pig who appears in Crayon Shin-chan […]

Rey’s Home In ATAT

I watched Star Wars: The Force Awaken, but i could hardly remember where Rey stayed when her first […]

Aladdin’s Lamp

Guess most of the people are familiar with this special MOC creator – Lego 7. I guess i […]

Minion Efaarit Scout

While Primal Mk III was announced earlier, i have started to clear coloring all my unpainted models, which […]


The robot base type of diorama by Benjamin Cheh. This built fit his earlier Robot MOC, also various […]

WH 40K Chaos Berserker

For those who likes both Miniatures and Lego, especially Warhammer 40k, which get a chance to see a […]

Hobbits: The Erebor

I am not sure how to comment on this gigantic MOC from Michał Kaźmierczak. But seriously this giant […]