Elder Scroll Online – The Dolmen

Perhaps this is one of the most extraordinary build that we have seen in a long time, it is really hard to imagine something like this can be built via Lego. The amazing stone pattern looks very real and it shows the feel of glowing perfectly with the good matching of colors.

elder scroll dolmen1 elder scroll dolmen2 elder scroll dolmen3 elder scroll dolmen4

This great creation was made by Thorsten Bonsch, who is also a designer in real life from German.


This masterpiece is called The Dolmen, contains nearly 11,000 pieces and has taken nearly half a year for Thorsten to complete it.

elder scroll dolmen5

If there is any MMORPG gamer here, most of them should aware that The Dolmen is part of the scene from famous Online game Elder Scroll and below is the screenshot from game.

elder scroll dolmen6

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