Ragnor Skysplitter the Runemaster

Who is the warlord from of Trollblood battlegroup starter box? Well we have no full details of this blue guy with a long handled magical krielstone hammer.

But there are some information relates to Ragnor Skysplitter the Runemaster from Privateer Insider on 29/4/2016 as below:

  • He commands stone and earth.
  • Use visual elements from the existing runeshaper models, such as elements of his armor and the stone tags both the unit and solo wear.
  • He should be adorned with scroll tubes like the runeshaper unit models, Madrak Ironhide, Thornwood Chieftain and Hoarluk Doomshaper.
  • He may be an albino.
  • He’s a brawny fighter and should look far more like a warrior than a wizard.
  • He should be heavily armored akin to Madrak Ironhide but with armor more reminiscent of the Runeshaper unit.
  • He has a cloak with a layer of rune stones running down the back.
  • He has a quill beard and carries a krielstone over one shoulder.
  • He is armed with a long-handled magical krielstone hammer that creates explosions on impact with targets. It’s not a reach weapon, but it should come up to about his shoulder height when he’s standing.

Also, Privateer Press has released a few artworks and different version of sculpts from the post. This guy looks awesome with very fine details!

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