Cryx: Bane Witch Agathia

Let’s have a look on one of the new miniatures that is going to launch on 29 June 2016, together with the MkIII rulebook.

Lately when Privateer Press announced the 9 new Battlegroup Starter Box, I was thinking on the miniature details of new warcasters/ warlords. The only photo that I could acquire earlier was the one and only pictures released by the company for each battlegroup.  In fact, the appearance of each new warcasters/ warlords was not very clear. Perhaps I could more or less see that Ragnor Skysplitter the Runemaster is holding a hammer and Agathia is holding a deathrippers.

PP starter box1

Later on 13 May 16, Privateer Insider released the original sketch of Bane Witch Agathia, together with the first version of sculpt that was before any alteration for production.

PP bane witch 6

PP bane witch 5

Also, a very close up shot of the final version of sculpt was being share from Privateer Insider.

PP bane witch 2 PP bane witch 1PP bane witch 3PP bane witch 4

Awaiting for Privateer Press to further sharing more details of the new battlegroups, especially the warcasters/ warlords.

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