New Battlegroup Starter Boxes from Privateer Press

For current or potential Warmahordes players, Privateer Press has announced to launch new editions of its award winning miniatures tabletop war gaming. New set of core rule: MKIII will be released worldwide on 29 June 2016.

Also, the most interesting part is that the company has also announced 9 new battlegroup starter box will be available at launch! At USD 39.90, the starter box contains a Warcaster/ Warlock, along with various models needed for a basic battlegroup,  a Rules Digest, a basic traning tutorial guide, 4 six sided dice, models stat card, a Battle Map, an obstacle card, 3 spell tokens, 18″ rulers !

I believe some of those miniatures, especially the warlocks/ warcasters are newly recasted and which look much more cool compare to previous version! Also the formation of the battlegroup do not look the exactly same as previous version.

Privateer Press also promised that the new MkIII rule was redesigned to be quicker to learn while providing a more intuitive game play experience!

The miniatures included for Trollblood Battlegroup are Ragnor Skysplitter the Runemaster, a Troll Axer light warbeast, one Troll Bouncer light warbeast and one Troll Impaler light warbeast.

PP starter box9

The miniatures included for Skorne Battlegroup are Beast Master Xekaar, a Cyclops Raider light warbeast, one Cyclops Savage light warbeast and one Titan Gladiator heavy warbeast
PP starter box8The miniatures included for Legion of Everblight Battlegroup are Kryssa Conviction of Everblight, Two Shredder lesser warbeasts, one Nephilim Bolt Thrower light warbeast and one Neraph heavy warbeast.PP starter box7The miniatures included for Circle Orboros Battlegroup are Tanith the Feral Song, a Gorax light warbeast, one Wild Argus light warbeast and one Pureblood Warpwolf heavy warbeast.PP starter box6The miniatures included for Retribution of Scyrah Battlegroup are Magister Helynna Vahr, a Chimera light warjack, one Griffon light warjack and one Manticore heavy warjack, PP starter box5The miniatures included for Protectorate of Menoth Battlegroup are Malekus the Burning Truth, a Repenter light warjack, one Revenger light warjack and one Castigator heavy warjack.PP starter box4The miniatures included for Khador Battlegroup are Lord Kozlov Viscount of Scarsgrad, a Juggernaut heavy warjack and one Decimator heavy warjack.PP starter box3 The miniatures included for Cygnar Battlegroup are Major Beth Maddox, a Firefly light warjack, one Lancer light warjack and one Ironclad heavy warjack.PP starter box2

The miniatures included for Cryx Battlegroup are Bane Witch Agathia, a Deathripper light warjack, one Slayer heavy warjack and one Reaper heavy warjack.PP starter box1

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