My First Warmahordes Painting: Storm Troll

Oh I used to like Warmahordes, but always could not really paint the miniatures well even after youtube many tutorials.

The first miniature with china-made air spray was completed around Mid of 2015, which I think it needs more comment from pro painters in order to further improve it.

This figure is called Storm Troll, one of the warbeasts from Hordes Trollkin, made of plastic. There are few more Trollkin miniatures that I have done after this Storm Troll and will be shared shortly.

Below is the progress of each painting step:

  1. Before applying any prime or coating. (The figures next to Storm Troll are called Hunters Grim, cool isn’t it?)


2. Completed black color Prime1000221

3. Apply White Paint 😀10002234. Basic colors coatedDSC_06635. Done! 1000233 1000234 IMG_20150625_223146

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