Theatre Scene

I enjoy watching Elspeth De Montes design. His creation tells the story, perhaps. It looks simple but it […]

Mystery Shack & Tourist Train

2 brilliant creations were completed by soccersnyderi. Tourist Train: a Fallout style of design has brought us the […]

London Taxi by Micro_Mini

London Taxi aka Hackney Carriage, also available in Perth Airport, is a cute and comfortable taxi that allow […]

Sci-Fi Lego Creator

It is definitely worth mentioning Benjamin Cheh for this Sci-Fi creation. He is a Malaysian-Singaporean. Most of his […]

Chubbybots and his Minotaur

Chubbybot is a Singaporean who has passion in Lego creation. He has a lot of great Lego ideas and […]

Sindragosa, A Mighty Frost Wyrm

World of Warcraft players might feel excited with this Lego creation from Korean designer – Bangoo H. If […]

Tahchoe’s Flying Ship

This creation was not officially submitted to Lego for competition. In fact, the creator is a talented man who […]

Yosool’s Tiny Adventure

This Korean boy is definitely a brilliant Lego designer. I definitely love his creation! He is trying to […]