Urashima Taro 7

Lego7 is a great MOC creator, as usual.  Again he shared his new Urashima Taro 7.

This robotic droid was paired with an awesome turtle-mech mount (oh, because the legend says so). The appearance and structure is slightly similar to Lego Bionicle.

urashima6 urashima5 urashima4 urashima3 urashima2 urashima1

I have a strong “Chappie” (2015, Blockbuster) feel especially when I first glanced at the droid. Except for the mount, the droid was built in the way quite similar to the blockbuster movie character.

But when mentioning the name “Urashima Taro”, it is a Japanese legendary character who rescues a turtle and is rewarded for this with a visit to Dragon God palace under the sea.


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