Nintendo 64 Game Cartridge Legoformer

Lego Version of Mini-Cassette Robots!

There was a Transformer Robot called Soundwave in the original Classic transformer series, that his most famous transformation is that of a microcassette recorder, and a series of Decepticon Mini-Cassettes from his deck. Today our focus is on the similar version of Nintendo 64 game cartridge transformer!


Julius Von Brunk has completed his series of cartridge warriors, which was called Hell-Knight from his flickr. Perhaps from the appearance of the robot does look like the vanilla version of Transformers in early 80s, still this creation is great and definitely worth blogging it.

Legoformer 112 Legoformer 15 Legoformer 14 Legoformer 13 Legoformer 11Legoformer 10 Legoformer 9 Legoformer 8 Legoformer 7 Legoformer 6Legoformer 5 Legoformer 4 Legoformer 3 Legoformer 2 Legoformer 1

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