Eslandolan Ship Builders… Humph!

While One Piece Anime is so popular for the story of pirates, Robert4168/Garmadon has completed his Shipyard and Galleon sets that tell a story of Eslandolan Ship Builders.

Robert4168/Garmadon likes to tell a story on what he built.

The shipyard was simple, but it created the aura of a 17th century rich and famous feel with his dark red wall and the antique clock.

“Yawn! The director of one of Terreli’s best shipyards leaned back in his armchair and was drowsily fighting off an overwhelming sensation that sleep would, just then, be a highly desirable thing. However, just as he had really decided that there was no point fighting it any longer, the door burst open and another customer strode in. Siting up with an effort, the director observed an ETWC captain with a huge hat and quite a uniform standing before him. Humph.


“Sir,” exclaimed the Captain, “I must say that this is becoming absolutely ridiculous! Simply because I ordered the fastest ship yet to sail to the opposite side of the Sea of Storms is no reason whatsoever that it should take such an incredibly lengthy time to build it! Two months, I’ll say! One to build the thing, and the other to go through whatever rest of the process you people do. I said on the double, sir! Absolutely ridiculous!”


“I am quite sorry for the delay sir,” replied the ship builder with affected meekness, “but I am afraid that, even on the double, there is no conceivable way such a vessel could be prepared in less than one month more. You know the saying,” he looked up an grinned, “the tide and the ship builder hurry for no man.”


“I know nothing of the sort!” replied the Captain, “you made that saying up yourself but five seconds ago!” And with that he emptied a pile of gold coins onto the table.


“Why in that case,” replied the other, “In that case there shall be no problem whatever! Your ship shall be ready tomorrow!”


“Eslandolan ship builders!” laughed the Captain on his way out, “Humph!””

ship17 ship18 ship19 ship20 ship22 ship23

And later when Robert4168/Garmadon completed his Galleon, (he named it the Henri), he continued the story…

“It’s finally ready! Built for the Brethren of the Brick Seas, the Henritook a little over one month to build, and a little less than that to edit (I did have a lot of other things to do, btw!) A fast trading ship, theHenri has a complete interior, an armament broadside of three 18 pounders, and a very exhausting amount of rigging! She is owned and commanded by Captain Whiffo, a high ranking member of the ETWC. Myles Bowditch (my sig-fig) is the first mate and navigator, and the second mate, Nathaniel Dirk is behind the wheel. The others are the cook and a passenger.”

ship` ship2 ship3 ship4 ship5 ship6 ship7 ship9 ship10 ship11 ship12 ship13 ship14 ship15

Very cute isn’t it?

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