Middle Earth Part 1

Lord of The Rings & Hobbits that you have never seen!

If any of you are J.R.R. Tolkien‘s fan, then you should familiar with Patrick B’s MOC.

Patrick B has much more Middle Earth creations than Lego, I suppose. This post is to share part of his MOCs, that is the reason the title is tagged with Part 1. Unlike most of the creators, Patrick B will usually share 1 picture for most of his work, except for a few big creations.

I like his way of presenting the LOTR or Hobbits, especially he picked up some of the remarkable scene from the movie like:

Amon Hen, the battle between the Fellowship of the Ring and the Uruk-hai army sent out from Isengard, led by Lurtz.

middle eath 8

The forbidden pool, where Smeagol singing at the Forbidden Pool and killing a fish,

middle eath 10

Boromir’s corpse on the boat

middle eath 17

Hobbit’s fight with the trolls

middle eath 18

Gandalf’s fall in Mines of Moria

middle eath 11

Erebor, the lonely Mountain

Erebor 5

Erebor 2 Erebor 3 Erebor 4 middle eath 12

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