Wild Wild West Sheriff’s Office

Wild West project is quite common in Lego MOC, but it is also easy to catch eye focus from one if the presentation is nice.

wild wild west

This project appeared in Lego Ideas on 17 Apr 16 and drew my attention not because of the structure design, but the overall appearance. Maybe this is not an utter perfect creation, and in fact the design of the building is simple. However the way jmjt4 matched the color has created a very good eye-catching effect, with only brown and blue bricks, jmjt4 has brought out the atmosphere of old western structure. After all I would suggest to park a horse outside the Sheriff’s Office in order to further strengthen the cowboy feel.

sheriff4 sheriff3 sheriff2 sheriff

The 2365 pieces project is considered a huge one and I doubt Lego will buy the idea due to this reason. Personally I support this creation. Good job, jmjt4!

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