Cyclop in 3D!

Another fantasy humanoid was summoned!

Lego Minifigure Series 9 and Series 13 has introduced 2 different cyclops earlier but i felt disappointed because of the size, it was much too small for the lovely giants. After all, the comment is that the scale does not match the description from the book .

cyclop 7 cyclop 8

But, Lego7 has brought alive the cylop with the fiercesome and violence evil look, big tummy, one-eyed forehead, and equipped with his favorite giant wooden club! And if you look at it carefully, this giant is also wearing an ear ring on his left ear!

And most importantly, I really like the way how this humanoid stands, tummy in front, body slightly bending backwards.  The whole figure was presented perfectly.


cyclop 1 cyclop 2 cyclop 3 cyclop 4 cyclop 5 cyclop 6

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