Moko’s Version of Akira

Any manga fans here? Anyone still remember this classic anime/ manga?

Akira is a Japanese manga series written by Katsuhiro Otomo around 1990. This manga actually means a lot to me, i collected the complete 6 volumes in earlier days and it was one of my few collections in the old days. Anyway, the set was gone.

akira manga

Kaneda is the main character who rides the red bike, which the storyline was set in post apocalyptic Neo-Tokyo, with his cyberpunk companion, Tetsuo who turns into badass afterward.

Moko completed Kaneda’s eye-catching bike precisely. Although i couldn’t compare this with the original action figures released since year 2000, still his hard work really attract my attention when i glance through his post earlier.

akira6 akira4 akira3 akira2 akira1

Check this out! An interesting Moko’s version of Tetsuo.


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